About Us


Our Approach

For most people, traveling usually means having some time to relax away from your usual environment. But for us, it has multiple purposes. Here at Unlimited Footsteps, we aim to share one’s experiences, our experiences, in different aspects. To share every detail of our travels that we deem relevant for our readers. As we travel we seek to experience and share the following:


  • The place- Promote the place. Provide local guides about main attraction and activities to enjoy on a certain destination.
  • The culture/ traditions/ festivals- This is what makes a certain place unique. Have a glimpse of the place’s remarkable characteristic
  • Local delicacies- A trip will not be complete without you trying their local food. We will be sharing here about good places to eat and the food that you should definitely taste for yourself.


There are a lot of things to consider when we go on a trip and we would like to make it easier for you. We will be providing tips about planning and packing and some travel hacks that we have devised from our experiences.


Our Story

The idea of Unlimited Footsteps began when we saw an ad about travel blogs. We started making drafts until we finally came up with our very first published article. A platform for us to provide information and interact with a larger community. It was my dad who helped me come up with the name of the website. We’ll continuously work on improving our website to give our audience nothing but the best.


About the Author

Hi! I’m Charleen.

I am a college student who loves travelling. I’ve been exposed to field works and community immersions which I can say are the root of all these. For years I have been studying about the man and the environment which made me fall in love with the environment even more while giving me the urge to protect it. It made me realize that there is a lot more about the environment than providing us the resources essential to our everyday lives.

Now I’m into exploring it more while helping to protect it. I’ve always dreamed of being a volunteer under WWF, a well-known organisation who promotes conservation of our environment. Well, this is my dream job, to travel while making an impact on the environment and to the lives of people who live in it.

I also aim to promote local delicacies. We may have different culture but trying to learn and appreciate each other’s culture and embracing each other’s differences will keep us united.

Join me as I explore the world. Travel with me this will be fun.






My work has been featured in the following publications…

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