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Every writer faces difficulties in their entire writing career. Sometimes we lose the motivation thinking that what we have written is not good enough, occasionally we lose ideas on what to write or sometimes we are not confident enough that what we have written can be understood by everyone who reads it. We want our articles to be worth reading. Something that our audience will find interesting and helpful.


In writing, grammar is very essential. A clear and well-written article helps you attract more readers. No one will want to read something that they cannot understand, right? Another point is the use of correct punctuation. It is another thing that writers should watch out for. A missing or added punctuation can give a whole different meaning to the sentence. It is also very important that your article is from your own point of view and not just something you have taken out from the internet. I am not saying that one shouldn’t consult the internet but rather have something written in your own way, with your own flavor. Writer’s should avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work.




When I was newly hired as a contributor in a Travel website I was excited, nervous and a little hesitant. We all know how people can be redundant and be grammatically incorrect when they get nervous. I was new to blogging back then and so I wasn’t sure if I can get people to read my article. It was one of my dilemmas when I was starting. I believe most writers have the same problem too. But I got help. Good thing I found Grammarly.


Grammarly helped me lessen my burden. How so, you asked? Ever since I started using Grammarly, I didn’t have to worry much if my grammar and spelling is correct or if I have placed the punctuations correctly. It is very helpful not only for the beginners but for the writers and bloggers who have been in the industry for a long time. You can use it not only in writing your articles but for a lot of other things like when you write your resume or when you’re at work and you have a presentation. It is for your everyday use. Grammarly doesn’t only help you check grammars but it can help you in proofreading, spelling as well as plagiarism check. Very efficient right? You get to enjoy different features in just one account. Grammarly has been really a great help for me and they can help you too.


I personally suggest and encourage everyone to try it and be amazed how helpful Grammarly can be. If you’re interested you can sign up and get your free account here.


  1. Carrie

    Grammarly is a huge helper. I like to think I’ve got decent grammar but it’s nice to have it there to help me out when I’m wrong. 🙂

  2. Janet Johnson

    Great! Some more tips about blogging. I need all the help I can get. I’ve only been doing this for about a month and a half. I hope to get better at it. Thanks for posting.

  3. Timothysag

    Good post. I learn something tougher on totally different blogs everyday. It’ll at all times be stimulating to read content material from other writers and observe a bit of one thing from their store. Thanks for sharing.

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