King’s Landing Waterfront Family Picnic Park

It was another weekend well spent. Just me, my friends and nature. and if you’re looking for a quiet place to de-stress and relax, Mr. King’s place is the place to be.

Experience camping at its best. Get very comfortable while enjoying all amenities they have to offer. We booked this place thru Airbnb which only cost us 550.00php for 3 people. This gets you a small tent, unfortunately, no such amenities included. But you also have the option to change it. For 550.00php each you get to use a very nice tent with mattress, soft pillows, fresh linens, blankets, electrical outlets inside and outside the tent, a fan, table, and chairs. You may also bring your own tent. You only need to pay 250.00php each for the entrance.

This place is far from the city and the transportation going and from here has a schedule. The first trip is at 7:00 am and the last trip is at 6:00 pm. To get here you have 3 options:

Option 1. Ride a bus/ jeepney going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna (fare depends on where you’re coming from. In our case it was only 20pesos). There is a jeepney terminal going to Cavinti, tell the driver to drop you off the terminal going to Barangay Bukal (fare is 25pesos). From Bukal just tell the driver you’re going to King’s landing or King’s place or BLOC Campsite and they’ll drop you off right at the gate.

Option 2. You may take the jeepney bound with the route Lucban-Lucena to the Johnson Junction near Cavinti (fare is 15pesos). Cross the road and take a trike. Tell the driver to take you to King’s landing or King’s place or BLOC Campsite (fare is 150pesos): or

Option 3: You can ask Mr. King to have his driver pick you up from Sta. Cruz (Fee: 400pesos)

Going there, the jeepney had to cross the river to get to Barangay Bukal. It was really cool to see.

Activities to enjoy

  1. During the day you may swim at the lake. They can provide tubes and life vest for you to use at no additional cost.
  2. You may also go fishing. We only paid 100pesos for the 3 of us and we were able to experience traditional fishing. 
  3. you may just sit on the raft, have your feet soaked in the water and just appreciate the view.
  4. Bonfire! Prepare your marshmallows. We’re gonna make some smores.
  5.  You may cook and grill your own food. You may also order from them. I heard Mr. King’s wife is a good cook.
About the host

Mr. King is from the US. He settled here with his wife and 2 kids. He’s really fun to talk to. Now he’s managing this relaxing place and continues to improve it to give their customers the best experience they could ever have. Mr. King and his family along with the neighbors’ kids who has been helping him take care of the guests were very accommodating. He made sure we are comfortable and that we got everything we need.

I also just wanna share this one funny experience my friend and I had. We grilled fish and hotdogs. We left it inside the tent and closed it and went to buy something at the store. Then we went to take pictures at the lake. We came back to our tent to rest and have some of the food. To our surprise, the food went missing! We thought it was their dog, Jake. My friend even tried to smell his mouth! HAHA, We talk to the dog asking him if he stole our food. Later on, we found out the neighbor’s dog ate it! But Mr. King was very generous he bought some food for us and the kids helped to cook. Other than that experience, the place is very safe and secured. We left our wallets, phones, and camera inside the tent most of the time.


One night is not enough. I wish we could’ve stayed longer but we have some commitments to attend to. And we were not able to try the American Burger that people love in this place. Such a shame! But we’ll definitely come back and make sure to try them out.





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