Masasa Beach escapade with friends

Are you the spontaneous and outgoing type of person? The one whom your friends can always invite for an out of town?  Be it a planned trip or the most unexpected road trips you are always present.

A few months back before a new semester start, my friends and I decided to go out on a trip. We thought that it will be a great start for the year and the semester to have a clear set of goals. We took this opportunity to have our minds all set for the what’s coming. We check from websites to websites and seen so many beaches and possible places to visit. As we are checking the internet thinking where to go we happen to stumble upon a post talking about how beautiful this one place is. I immediately grab my phone and inquired for the accommodation and there you go the room was reserved for us.

Masasa Beach

Masasa Beach is no doubt the best beach in Tingloy, Batangas. The white sand and its crystal clear water are the ones you truly can’t resist. Over the years the place started to develop having resorts to accommodate tourist. Being a part of the Marine Protected Area Network of Batangas the place has continuously attracted visitors letting everyone witness the richness of the marine biodiversity.

How to get to Masasa Beach

For those who are taking public transportation, take the bus going to Batangas Grand Terminal. There are terminals in EDSA-Kamias and Cubao in Quezon City, LRT-Buendia, and Taft in Pasay City. Travel time usually takes less than 2 hours if from Calamba, Laguna. Otherwise, it can take around 3 hours.  The fare is as follow P165 from Cubao, P157 from LRT-Buendia, P127 from Alabang, P105 from Calamba. Ride a jeepney to Anilao Port. Travel time is around 40 minutes and the fare is at P37. It’s better to leave early to avoid traffic. From Anilao Port, ride a boat going to Tingloy, the fare is at P80. Travel time is more or less for an hour. At the port, rent a tricycle to Masasa Beach. There is a schedule for boat transfer as early as 8 am and closes at 3 pm. You can also rent a private boat at Masasa Beach, which will set you back P3000-P4000 (depends on your negotiation skills)


We stayed at Nanay Rosie’s Kubo which cost us around P2000 for an overnight stay. The room is good for 8-10 persons. There are also other accommodations that you can rent for a day or overnight. I would suggest you book them ahead so you can choose the perfect place for you. There are houses just in front the beach and some that are around 10-15 minutes walk away. If you like you can go on camping too just remember to bring your own tent. The only downside of using tents is that you don’t have a decent place to freshen up.

Island hopping and snorkelling

Rent a boat for the price of P2000 and go island hopping and snorkelling. Tingloy is within the vicinity of Verde Passage which is one of the richest marine biodiversity in the world which makes it perfect for snorkelling. There are some resorts who offer scuba diving as well. Just be careful with the corals and other marine species and avoid getting in direct contact with them. Let’s all help to protect the marine ecosystem.


On your way home

They usually pick up passengers at Masasa Beach at around 12nn so be sure to be ready by then. Otherwise, you’ll have to get back to the port to catch another boat. If ever by any chance you miss the last trip you can rent a private boat going back to Anilao port.


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