The Pacific Recreation Kamp

Beach, surfing, Falls, trekking, cliff diving and water rafting. These are just some of the things you may enjoy at The Pacific Recreation Kamp (The PaRK). This place is perfect if you wanna enjoy the beach and have it for yourself. The place is not crowded. There were a lot of people when we got there. But there’s plenty of room for everyone. Some have been there for 4 or 5 days. This is a place for people who are trying to have a peaceful weekend getaway.

To get to The PaRK you have two options if you’re coming from the South:

Option 1: there is a van terminal going to Infanta, Quezon in Pagsanjan, Laguna. The terminal is beside LBC. Just tell the driver to drop you off The PaRK in Real, Quezon. The fare is 100ph.

Option2: Wait for the bus in Pagsanjan, Laguna. This will drop you off right at The PaRK’s gate.

Upon arrival, go to the store inside and they will ask you to build your tent first. We paid 200 pesos (including tent pitching and entrance fee for 2). They have tents for rent as well for 500pesos. After that, you’re all set for your weekend here at The PaRK.

What to do in The PaRK

If you love to go surfing they have it here! For 200pesos you may enjoy an hour of surfing. If you do not know how, you have nothing to worry about because they have an instructor to guide you. The fee will be 500 (surfing board rental + instructor).

There is also a 2 nearby Falls that you can visit. We visited the Balagbag Falls. Be careful going through the rocks as it can be slippery. Bathe under the strong current of the falls, take pictures and enjoy the view.

You may also do a bonfire at night. Just make sure to clean up after and don’t just leave the trashes behind.

The Food

There is a market 10 minutes away from the PaRK. You have a wide variety of seafood to choose from. The price ranges from 100-300pesos. You may cook them by yourself or ask the eatery to cook it for you. There are also foods available at the store in the PaRK but the choices are limited.



Here’s a breakdown of our expenses:

Fare 2 way (Pagsanjan-Real-Pagsanjan) – 200php

Entrance (overnight)- 50php

Tent pitching (for 2)- 100

Surfing (optional)- 500 w/ instructor

Tricycle rent to falls (2 way)- 200php

Balagbag Falls fee- 30php

Food- 200

Total: 1280php





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  1. Zee

    Oh wow the place looks amazing pardon me if I’m asking the obvious but where is this place? One to note on a bucket list. We love water sports so places like this interest us. Love this

  2. Pernille

    that looks gorgeous, especially the waterfall. Love the idea of being able to rent a tent, not something I have seem before.

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