Travelling student

Youth nowadays, or Millennial as what most people refer us to, are fearless. We love adventures. Going on a hike, trekking, cliff diving, we just love the thrill. Though it was not easy given all your academic load, your finance, as well as your time with your family. But believe me when I say that you can still be a responsible student and child even if you are traveling.

I have been to different places. I was lucky that my parents are fine with me travelling. They have been really supportive in what I do. But of course, there will always be some concerns. They continuously remind me to take care of my studies and in return, I assure them that this will not affect my academics. I make sure I already finish all my responsibilities before I get on the road. I am a student during the weekdays and a wanderer on the weekends plus holidays.

In spite the fact that my parents allow me to go out of towns by myself, I try to make sure that I got things covered. What I mean is financially¬†wise. I see to it that I don’t ask my parents any money when I have a trip. How do I manage that, you think? I do part-time jobs. I earn just enough to support all my travels.

I started blogging a few trips after. I realize why not do something where I can share all my travel experience. That way I travel not just to relax and have fun but also hopefully inspire more people to travel. Also maybe earn as well as what I see from other bloggers. Lucky for me I started to earn from it little by little and helped in supporting some of my past escapades. You don’t have to be rich to travel.


Wanna know how I was able to travel with a limited budget? Stay tuned! I’ll reveal my secrets on my next blog.


  1. Sarah

    I’m quite curious how you make money from your blog. And props to your parents for being so supportive!! I always wanted to travel as a student but my parents wouldn’t let it fly. Now I live abroad and I love it so much.

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